My Mantra as a Creative

March 23rd, 2015 Posted by Design, Photo No Comment yet

Revealing shadows and chasing light. When I have a camera in my hands my entire physical makeup shifts. In those moments, I become conscious of the beauty in the most ordinary and unexpected places.

As a creative, having the same daily routine leads to seeing things in the exact same way. It’s the easy way to skate through existence, its comfortable. But when you break your rhythm on a daily basis you begin to push the boundaries of your creativity.

When I see something that makes me want to stop and take a photo my brain shifts into an instant preproduction mode where I begin to consider hundreds of things including composition, lighting and depth of field. I view my editing and style as a portal to show people how I see the world. Having a community of photographers to share ideas with on social media is pivotal to our creative success. Because if you take a photo, and nobody sees it, does it still have meaning?

In an age where you can take thousands of photos, store, edit and share them in an instant on a single device that fits in your pocket, the only limits you have are internal. Find what inspires you and pursue it with every ounce of your being. Never be afraid to fail. Because we all fail. Never be afraid you aren’t good enough, because there is always someone better. Our lives are defined by millions of failures that put us on the path to our own personal successes. The secret is that one tiny success means more than a thousand failures.

I draw a lot of inspiration in my editing from Ansel Adams. He felt that ordinary photographs were just reminders of experience, and that as an artist, the images he created in the darkroom made a statement that went far beyond the subject, and captured an inspired moment on film. You can look deep into his epic landscapes and see what he felt when he took the photo. I strive to create that emotional response when you see my work.

I feel that all of my creative inspiration comes from wanting to do something different, and wanting to show people a perspective that they may not have seen from before. Because everyone identifies in some way to photography as an art form. It’s easier now than it ever has been to take great photos, and that constantly drives me to step outside the box of the world, and create.



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