Prints & Mortality

May 9th, 2015 Posted by Photo No Comment yet

The title of this entry might throw you a bit off. How in the world are prints and mortality related? Well let me explain it to you the way that it hit me:

What is the point? We shoot and we shoot, we build our portfolios, and we get better. Sharing our work on social media is awesome, but its temporary. Very few things in life last anymore. Everything is made to be easily disposed of. And that is fine to a point. It hit me one day a few months ago while driving home that there are no more master photographers.

This might be morbid, but when I die, no one is going to pine after my terabytes and terabytes of backup hard drives containing all of my archives. No one is going to want yours either. That’s just the price we pay for the time we live. There are more amazing photographers in the world than you can even dream up. No university or museum has the resources to keep up with all of the amazing work that is being created. In all of this, the answer came to me so simply.

The only chance I have for my art to survive past my lifetime is to make prints and share with people. This is the entire theory behind my new system. I am selling 10 hand-signed archival edition prints of carefully selected photos and once one is sold out, a new photo will take its place. I want whatever art I create to outlive me, so I am pricing it realistically. I’m sick of hoarding all of my work away in hopes that someday there will be a home for it all after a huge payday. Its just not going to happen. And we should all be totally fine with that. Just sell the work that you make. Because what is the point if we don’t?



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