Bryan Minear Photography West Virginia Waterfall
Bryan Minear Photography New York City NYC

I’m Bryan Minear, a Fujifilm X-Photographer, Creative Director, & Designer based in the midwest. Check out the Journal for gear reviews and photo stories, or browse through my Personal and Professional portfolios.

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Signature Preset Bundle – $40

After years of people asking for presets, I have finally decided to release some of my favorites to the world. This will get you some of my signature looks. Now keep in mind, all presets are just a starting point. It is always my goal to teach people HOW to achieve these looks. So be sure to explore the settings to see what exactly is going on behind the scenes. In that same vein, these are not going to be universal and might require some tweaking to dial in correctly. But rest assured, I am including a short video tutorial within the download that will help you get the most out of these!

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Fine Art Prints & Canvas now available!

As a photographer, it’s easy to just share your images online and on social media. But there is something fundamentally wrong with that being the lone end result. Photography evolved from the print and I intend to make it one of my goals in life to print and share my work as often as possible. Connecting my vision with the physical world in a way that others can appreciate.