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A half-remembered Egyptian dream

I walked across an infinite desert, feeling the hot desert air against my skin. I couldn’t help but feel completely small in the grand scheme of the universe.
It was like they were calling out to me, these ancient ruins that stand as a testament to all those who came before us. So much has been lost to time, but you can still feel a sense of reverence… As if you were standing amongst the Kings themselves. I could feel their secrets buried deep within the sands beneath my feet.
The winds became heavier and the blowing sand made it difficult to see, but I made out what I thought to be a doorway in the distance. I was surrounded by pure light, but the darkness beyond it’s frame was formidable. I drew closer and closer, each step growing harder than the last. It was as if something were trying to keep me away, but I couldn’t stop, it felt as if the entire desert was about to swallow me whole if I didn’t reach the doorway.
As I passed through, all became silent.
The blackness around me slowly dissolved into faint light as I opened my eyes and sat up in my own bed. A faint vision of distant Pyramids burned onto the back of my retinas, never to be forgotten.