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A Collection of 40 1/1s Exploring Seasons in the Midwest

Seasonal is an exploration of the midwestern landscape told through unique 1/1 NFTs photographed over the course of 7 years. I have been photographing my surroundings daily for years as a form of daily therapy, but the Midwest isn’t the easiest place to be a landscape photographer who is also a dad with a full time job. Photography has been the only way that I can overcome the Seasonal Affective Disorder that I deal with year over year. 

Seasons: Spring: 1-10 / Summer: 11-20 / Fall: 21-30 / Winter: 31-40



and then, the quiet explosion

An edition of 69, each Collector of Seasonal was airdropped #1 – #40 of this edition corresponding to the image number they owned from the Collection. Unowned Seasonal images had the edition withheld and it will be delivered upon collection.

Please Don't Wake Me From This Dream

A free claim for all Seasonal collectors as a token of thanks for your support.

Artwork Description:

It had been more than a year since I moved away, and this visit marked a return to “My Lone Tree.” I used to pass by this spot almost daily, meticulously documenting its changes over the span of 8 long years. On this slightly colder-than-usual autumn morning, the enchanting play of subdued light along the perfectly colored leaves evoked a sense of belonging, like something out of a dream. As if I had arrived back at the exact moment I was always meant to return.

Seasonal Collabs

I am SO exctied to announce that starting soon, owners of Seasonal 1/1 artworks will be able to claim a free collab edition with rotating artists. The first artist will be announced soon!

Coming Soon

If you are a Seasonal 1/1 holder and you would like a physical print, I am offering Giclée prints up to 11x17" at no cost to you!

Future releases

As a Seasonal holder you will have priority access to upcoming 1/1 mints, editions, and claims. Follow my private collector-only twitter feed for updates. Turn notifications on, this channel will be used sparingly.

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